28 Types of Affairs Defined

28 Types of Affairs Defined


D. Charles Williams, Ph.D.


WHAT’S DONE IN THE DARK: Affair-Proofing and Recovery from Infidelity-A Self Help Guide for Couples (2017) is not only about prevention of and recovery from affairs, but it answers the two most common questions people ask.

Why did this happen? What caused this affair to occur?

One of the best ways to understand the rational for the infidelity is to understand the type of affair that occurred. Knowing what either spouse might have done to contribute to the affair is important but it only assigns blame and fault. Identifying what type of affair that occurred provides motivation and context.

For example, one night stands are all about impulse, opportunity and anonymity. Retaliatory affairs are about punishing someone, usually one’s spouse. Work place affairs, which are the most common type of infidelity, are about familiarity and proximity. Old Flame affairs reflect a stage of life crisis and regrets revisited.

Once the context in which an affair has occurred is understood, then motivation for the infidelity can be better determined and resolved.

WHAT’S DONE IN THE DARK provides detailed explanations of 28 types of affairs with case examples to further illustrate each. They are further divided into 5 categories of infidelity that includes Impulse Affairs, Proximity Affairs, Avoidance Affairs, Addiction Affairs and Stage of Life Affairs.

This is a book helpful to both couples and clinicians alike.

For a more detailed explanation go to: www.whatsdoneinthedark.org